Services every Sunday

26 rue Mortier LAVAL

  • Worship and teaching for adults
  • Crèche and Sunday School for kids
  • Studies and prayer groups in the week

We are a local church made up of men and women from many different walks of life who have one thing in common: our lives have been changed by the Gospel of Jesus. We are an Evangelical Protestant church and, for us, the most important thing in life is to build up a personal relationship with God through prayer and studying His word.

Many of our members come from the UK and we hope that all English speakers will feel welcome with us. If you don't speak much French, don't worry. One of our English speaking family will be more than happy to translate the service for you so that you can follow what is going on. Most of our songs have been translated into French from English, so feel free to sing along in whichever language is easier and pray in English if you prefer.


Bonne Nouvelle Protestant Church

26 rue Mortier, Laval 53000

Culte: 10h30 dimanche



What we believe

We believe in God the Father who wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us and cares about us completely. Through the death of His son, Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven and we can enter into a personal relationship with Him through faith. We know that only the Bible, the true Word of God, can give us the answers to all our spiritual needs.

For more information about what we believe, click on the links below (in French)

Dont speak French?

Don't worry. We offer translation into English